Soulcalibur – The Firebrand – Taki

Soulcalibur – The Firebrand – Taki

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    Not going to lie here, if Taki was my waifu about the house my top perversion with her would be sniffing the intimate portions of that bodysuit whenever she comes home and discards it to wash in order to unwind in a long warm bath! I can just begin to imagine what it’ll smell like after it’s been wedging up on like that^ for weeks while she hunts Oni and purges soul swords. In fact, here’s a detailed speculative description of what stains and corresponding odors I’d expect to find:

    Taki-Sama’s bodysuit, crotch area: Knowing that she’s a virgin warrior Kunoichi who has forsaken all intimate/romantic relations for duty and that she can only practice THE most rough and rugged hygienic habits while stealthing about and battling that includes squatting wherever and letting loose the hot stream before quickly returning to cover without wiping(there’s nothing to wipe with except the rough leaf and I doubt she’s irritate her maidenhood), I’d expect to find a brightly yellow skid mark contrasting the purple fabric unleashing a naturally sour and stale stink of urine infused with a musty Swiss cheesy aroma courtesy of pee and crotch-sweat fermenting within the tight confines of her pussy folds. I won’t expect to find anything tampon related(she’s from an era where they don’t exist and I doubt a flexible ninja like her would endure the uncomfortable indignity of having one scratch up her womanhood). Relating to it all and given her usually stern and aggressive personality I will DEFINATELY expect to find that tell tale coppery odor and matching reddish-brown stain camouflaged by that purple fabric and mixed in with everything else, knowing her tactical genius and finesse knowledge she likely tines her expeditions to coincide with her period in order to be all the more aggressive in combat. She can easily deal with the cramps, bloating and leakage.

    Taki-Sama’s bodysuit, ass area: Again, since she’s out in the wilderness battling evil and practicing Spartan cleanliness, I’d get my nostrils utterly demolished by a harshly pungent poop stink rising from a crusty brown skid mark. There’s no doubt she simply squats about and lets the turds fall before returning to her stealthy state without wiping(again rough leaves do NOT make TP). I’d especially expect the stink and skid mark to be stronger and more humid in the area where the suit was compressing her asshole. I’d also expect to encounter a rancid fart based stench mixed in with everything else. You know she unleashes the ass gas whenever she knows she’s alone and given how tight that suit is, her stank wind will certainly leave it’s obnoxiously stinky presence around that suits rear end.

    In all my balls will be churning while my cock will be extra hard and popping loads with each whiff! While she’s washing up and relaxing my pants will be getting sticky to her spandexy feminine/hygienic odors! Will be sure to make a habit out of it whenever she returns from her battles. It’ll be even better if she decides to discard it altogether if it’s too damaged/smelly, I’ll have a steady supply and collection of her soiled bodysuits to sniff up for life! Taki stink FTW!

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