Bleach – Ero-Enzo – Yoruichi, Nelliel, Tier, Arisawa

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Bleach – Ero-Enzo –  Yoruichi, Nelliel, Tier, Arisawa

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    MMM, If I were there, I’d do nothing but sniff their respective snatches deep and hard, alternating between them!

    Here’s a detailed odor speculation/anticipation list:

    1.Tatsuki: I’d expect a sharp and sour, Swiss cheese like piss stink from her(she seems to be active enough to not really practice proper hygienic practices I.E wiping).

    2. Nel: I’d likely get a light-moderate pissy sweet odor(though the balance between sweetness and bitterness would likely depend on her activeness).

    3. Harribel: She VERY likely has a strong, natural piss stink that alternates between sour and musty(her likely being a virgin hence her natural stink).

    4. Yoruichi: Knowing her dressing habits, I’d expect a moderate-strong spandex infused piss stink, though knowing her long and (likely) sexual relationship with Kisuke I’d also anticipate that telltale fishy/yeasty odor too(but that’s debatable and probably unlikely).

    Add some crotch-sweat, that coppery odor courtesy of their periods AND those musty sweet odors from whatever tampons they’re likely wearing, yes, I’d be cumming silly from each sniff! Maybe I’ll get to keep said tampons all stained red and yellow!!!

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