Bleach – Ero-Enzo – Yoruichi, Nelliel, Tier, Arisawa

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Bleach – Ero-Enzo –  Yoruichi, Nelliel, Tier, Arisawa
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MMM, If I were there, I’d do nothing but sniff their respective snatches deep and hard, alternating between them! Here’s a detailed odor speculation/anticipation list: 1.Tatsuki: I’d expect a sharp and sour, Swiss cheese like piss stink from her(she seems to be active enough to not really practice proper hygienic practices I.E wiping). 2. Nel: I’d likely get a light-moderate pissy sweet odor(though the balance between sweetness and bitterness would likely depend on her activeness). 3. Harribel: She VERY likely has a strong, natural piss stink that alternates between sour and musty(her likely being a virgin hence her natural stink).… Read more »