Bleach – Ero-Enzo – Matsumoto, Inoue, Tier

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Bleach – Ero-Enzo –  Matsumoto, Inoue, Tier
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MMM, I’d like to sniff the crotch/ass parts of their respective thongs whenever they dump them in the hamper after having them writhe up on ’em for a few days!

Here’s an odor anticipation list:

1. Rangiku, crotch: sharp sour cheesy fishy stink, ass: moderate musty sweet scent.

2. Orihime, crotch: light musty pissy sweet odor, ass: light pungent stinky sweet odor.

3. Harribel, crotch: strong bitter pissy stink, ass: strong musty stinky odor.

Either way, crotch/ass sweat should enhance whatever feminine/hygienic odors they leave on those thongs, I’d sniff all three till I’m puking or cumming!