Bleach – Ero-Enzo – Inoue, Matsumoto, Yoruichi, Nelliel, Tier

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Bleach – Ero-Enzo – Inoue, Matsumoto, Yoruichi, Nelliel, Tier

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    MMM, I’d like to sniff the crotch n ass parts of their respective undergarments after they’ve used them up for the day!

    Here’s an odor speculation chart:

    Orihime, crotch: strong musty/sweet scent, ass: moderate musty/sweet odor.

    Harribel, crotch: sharp pissy stink, ass: strong bitter stink.

    Nel, crotch: light-moderate pissy odor, ass: light musty/soft scent.

    Yoruichi, crotch: strong spandex infused pissy stink, ass: strong musty spandexy stink.

    Rangiku, crotch: strong sour/bitter fishy stink, ass: light-moderate musty sweet odor.

    Either way, I’d sniff ’em all till I pass out or cum, they’ll likely all reek after wearing them all day!

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